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frequently asked questionsfrequently asked questions

How much does it cost for a website?
The cost of a website is determined by the components of the site itself.  Since each website is custom designed for your business needs and objectives, each project is priced differently according to the level of design and complexity of development.  Blue Bug Marketing provides custom website design and development solutions that start at about the $1,500 range.

I already have a website but it needs to be updated.  Can Blue Bug Marketing help me?
Certainly.  Having an updated website is extremely important to not only keep your company information current, but to also keep your website look attractive and competitive.  The Blue Bug Marketing team can redesign the visual look of your website, incorporate a Content Management System so you can make all updates to your site and structure / optimize your site to appear on the Search Engines.

What does Blue Bug Marketing need from me to design my website?
The more content you provide about your company, the better we can deliver a website that will have the look, style, functionality and “persona” of your company.  Logos, pictures, graphics, mission statements, product / service information, company history, and the list goes on and on.  The more information we start off with, the quicker your project will move along.

Do you provide hosting and email account setup?
Blue Bug Marketing provides several different hosting packages and email account packages that can suit the needs of an individual business owner with a simple static website to a large corporation with hundreds of employees and a complex dynamic website.

Once my website is completed, do I own all rights to everything?
Yes.  Once the project is paid in full, it is your website.  Blue Bug Marketing may reference your website as an example of our work, showcase your website design and / or other projects in Blue Bug Markeitng marketing materials or submit your website into marketing and design contests.

If Blue Bug Marketing sets up my domain name, who owns it?
You own your domain.  Blue Bug Marketing can handle the task of setting up a domain name for you but you retain all control and ownership of that domain name.  Beware of any company that offers to register a domain name without detailing the ownership and access to that domain name. 

I know a friend who knows how to build web pages.  Why should I hire a professional website design company for my website design and development?
Just about everyone has someone they know that can build a webpage.  We would never question their ability to construct a web page and put it online.  Ask yourself this: Would you let that same person build you a new office building because they know how to swing a hammer?  Hiring a professional website design and development company, like Blue Bug Marketing, will provide the expertise and know-how necessary to give your business a website that is attractive, easy-to-use, easy-to-find and competitive. 

Why do I need to market my website?  My website will be “online”, right?
Building a website and not marketing it is like building a house in the middle of the desert and not paving any roads to get to you.  Sure, someone is eventually going to stumble across you, but to generate traffic; a well planned marketing campaign is a necessity.  Blue Bug Marketing can provide many different solutions to generate new customers and increase the transaction frequency of current customers.

How does Blue Bug Marketing differ from other companies?
Blue Bug Marketing is a complete marketing solutions provider.  While there are many companies out there that excel in one area, they fall short in another.  Blue Bug Marketing can take the design, development and marketing of your website and business to new heights on all levels. 

Can I purchase a list from a third party to use in my email marketing campaign?
Absolutely not.  Blue Bug Marketing has a strict “No Spamming” policy.  Our email marketing campaigns are all permission based systems that require email recipients to “opt-in” to receive email communications from your business.  With an average open-rate of nearly 40%, why would you want to by a list and have to send out literally millions of emails to get a similar response?

How frequent can I send emails to my database?
As often as you like.  Your program will be designed based on the number of recipients and the frequency of campaigns.  Sending too many email messages to your database will lead to an unresponsive audience and even requests to unsubscribe from your list.  The frequency of contact depends on your product’s life cycle and your business goals and objectives.

Do I have access to my customer email database?
Yes.  You have complete ownership of your customer email database.  If you ever need to extract a copy of your customer email database, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

What is the difference from Search Engine Optimization and a Pay Per Click / Sponsored Ad Campaign?
Search Engine Optimization is the process of configuring your website to have a dominant page ranking in the “natural” or “organic” search results on the Search Engines.  A Pay Per Click Campaign is the auction-style bidding on placement under keyword searches on certain Search Engines where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Why does my website not show up on Google under certain keyword searches?
Unless your website has been properly optimized for targeted keyword searches on the search engines, your exposure will be minimal if at all.  Dominant rankings under keyword searches on the search engines has become a very competitive arena due to the number of searching consumers using these search engines to find information.  Blue Bug Marketing can develop and implement an search engine marketing strategy that will position your business in front of these consumers.

How many sets of revisions can I make to my project?
Blue Bug Marketing will continue to work on your project until you are 100% completely satisfied. 

What guarantees does Blue Bug Marketing offer with the Search Engine Optimization program?
We guarantee that we will put forth out best effort to provide the best page rankings that can be offered.  We do not guarantee placement with a Search Engine Optimization program.  Any company that does offer guaranteed placement should be approached with caution and will most likely only guarantee disappointment and frustration.

How long does it take after initial implementation of a Search Engine Optimization program before I start to see results?
Results should start to take place about 4 – 6 weeks after program implementation.  These results will gradually improve over time as the program is fine tuned and adjustments made to the competitive race to the top are made.  It is important to realize that Search Engine Marketing is a very dynamic environment that requires much maintenance and adjusting to keep in line with business goals and objectives. 

I am a new business.  How can Blue Bug Marketing help my business?
Blue Bug Marketing can help your new business develop a complete marketing campaign that will generate new customers and keep them coming back for more.  From designing a visual identity that consumers recognize to databases and programs for customer relationship management, Blue Bug Marketing can streamline your marketing efforts so you can concentrate on taking care of your customer needs as well as drive customers to your doors.

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